Dwell Check is online software that is designed to make the lives of landlords, property owners and tenants easier. It allows landlords to keep track of the residents’ information, their payments and service requests. Tenants can pay rent and fees online, request service calls and send general messages to landlords and owners. Also, Dwell Check is easy to learn and use.



Dwell Check Property Management Features


Apartment and Tenant Management

  • Manage your properties from anywhere! The information is on a secure and stable server
  • Manage your tenants from anywhere!
  • View and manage your tenant’s history (payment and service requests)
  • Save information about each apartment such as expected rent and costs
  • Store information about each tenant such as lease start and end dates

** See Screenshots **

Rent and Invoicing

  • Create a rent invoice for all your tenants with one click
  • Tenants canĀ  pay bills online via credit card and PayPal
  • Bill tenant’s credit cards for rent via PayPal
  • View Tenant’s payment history and send reminders if the payment is late
  • Create and track payments for deposits, miscellaneous or late fees

Maintenance management and service requests

  • Tenants may request service for a broken toilet, AC etc
  • Grant multiple maintenance managers and landlords individual access to respond to service requests
  • Tenants can indicate the time when the maintenance manager should come by

Features that are Coming Soon!

  • You will be able to send an invoice via email with a pay online option
  • You will be able to email a single tenant, everyone in a building or every tenant

And we aren’t stopping there. Join our preview team to define the next set of Dwell Check features.

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