Take the trouble out of paying you rent. Using Dwell Check you can pay rent online 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Plus, the system is totally secure because Dwell Check uses PayPal to process payments. That means you can use EFT (bank transfers) or credit cards to pay – whatever is easy for you.

Get email reminders when your rent is due. Then, just click the link in the email and your payment will be sent directly to your landlord.

Plus, your landlord can split the rent payment between your roommates making shared rent payments easy. If you have special fees such as parking or utilities, your land lord can create online invoices for these items too. And everything can be paid online, any time and any day of the week.

How it Works

    • Your landlord signs up for Dwell Check and adds your apartment and rent information.
    • When your rent is due, you will get an email with a Pay Now link.
    • You click the link and pay your rent using Pay Pal
    • Or, you can go to the Dwell Check tenant portal and click the Pay Now button there.
    • Done! Your rent is paid for another month.

Sound Good? Tell your landlord about Dwell Check today.

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